We have known all along that some of you want the option to download your homeschool planner.  For the past year, we have been working with international customers testing the waters on offering a digital version of our customized homeschool planners here at A Plan in Place.  After all, shipping is SO high it made sense to offer them an alternative.  It got us thinking about our products, and of course most of all, our plan to offer the most customized homeschool planners on the market.  Offering this was the next logical step to all current and potential customers…so here we are!

Now those customers can order a digital download for $19.99 ($1 more if you want a proof) and get all the choices you want including a cover, 1 or 2 page weekly sheets including the customization, and calendars.  We will create your planner, put it all together, and send it to you over e-mail.  You are then free to print it yourself or take it to a local printing shop such as FedEx and have it printed.

Why you might want to download your homeschool planner:

  1. You prefer to use a three ring binder over the spiral binding we offer;
  2. You have a high quality printer, and want to save some money (especially if you want all the options);
  3. You want to get started right away and simply can’t wait a week for us to prepare a planner for you;-)

Orders are already coming in before we have announced it!   What a great sign that we are meeting another need in the homeschool community!

If you aren’t familiar with our products, you should really start here and explore all we have to offer.  Then look over all of your customized choices because there are many…and now we have included yet another choice.  Why?  Because as homeschool moms ourselves we KNOW that there are no standard homeschool families. Their main tool for organizing a great year should not be standard either.  Here at A Plan in Place we allow you to put your pieces together to create the ideal planner.  This is just ONE more piece of the puzzle.

So remember if you are one that wants to download your homeschool planner, we now have you covered!

Don’t worry, we are still ready to print, punch, bind, and laminate away for those of you that prefer the printed version.


Suzie and Kim

Co-Owners AND homeschool moms at A Plan in Place