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If you have a question, please see our FAQ below, or feel free to contact us!  We prefer email and promise to respond promptly:  We look forward to hearing from you!

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. I’m confused about the Stock versus Customized Weekly Schedule Pages.  How do they differ?

Stock Weekly Schedule Pages are pre-made, and have all blank headings, which you will then have to write in each week.  We created them with formats which we believe will work for most homeschoolers.  Think of them as our “easy button.”  If you are new to homeschooling or new to planners and just aren’t quite sure how you would customize your page, they are a great choice.  However, if you would like a more personalized planner that fits you, your student, and your schedule perfectly, choose the Customized option. Once you do, an additional form will show up, on which you will fill out your choices for each section of your Weekly Schedule Page.  Here are some examples of different Customized Weekly Schedule Sheets for each of our planners.

2. Why are these called Student Planners? How do they differ from “normal” homeschool planners? Who is supposed to fill them out and use them–the mom or the student?

They are called Student Planners because of the way we designed the Weekly Schedule Pages. The intent of these pages is for the student to be able to be responsible for his or her own schoolwork. Thus, they are designed to be filled out one week in advance by Mom, and then used daily by the Student to see what his or her assignments are and check them off as they are completed. However, older students may enjoy filling out their own weekly schedule, taking on even more responsibility for their own work.  The rest of the planner depends on your family. The Keepsake sheets are obviously for each student to record their own thoughts and memories, while much of the Goals & Planning Section and Record Keeping Section are typically filled out by either just by Mom or Mom and Student jointly. Mom and Student might use the “Goals” page and “Chore and Responsibility List” for a beginning of the year discussion, while Mom could use the Study Plan and Time Schedule to plan the year ahead. The calendars could be filled out by either Mom or Student, depending on the age of the student. And so on. Whatever makes sense for your family is the “right” way to use them.

3. Why do you ship Priority Mail? Isn’t that more expensive?

We researched and thought long and hard about shipping costs. Our products unfortunately do not qualify for Media Mail, and although shipping using USPS Parcel Post was sometimes (and definitely not always!) the cheaper option, it usually wasn’t very much (less than one dollar difference) and we love that you won’t be waiting for a week or more to receive your planner.

4.  How long will it take to receive my order?

Generally, planners are ready to be shipped out within a week of being ordered. However, August is definitely our busy month, so please expect a longer turn-around time if you order then.

5.  What if I’m not satisfied?  Can I return my planner?

At this time, we cannot accept returns on our planners because each one is custom-made and cannot be re-sold. However, we do want our customers to be completely satisfied and will do whatever we can to resolve any issues with your order. Of course, if there is an error on your planner that is our fault, we will rectify the problem at no charge to you, up to and including you returning the planner to us and us fixing the error and sending you a new corrected planner.

However, we will accept returns of all Accessories within 30 days of purchase for a full refund, minus shipping charges. They must be in like-new, completely unused condition and able to be resold. Please email us at to obtain return shipping address.