From Amber (OR):
I am loving both my kids planners so much that I finally decided to get one of my own now and not to wait. That way I could keep all the notes and thoughts I have about next year in one place. Thanks for your wonderful planners!


From Melissa (FL):
Thank you so much. I will definitely recommend you to our co-op. Thank you for making sure everything was perfect for me.


From Suzanne (AL):
I just got thru facebooking some friends who homeschool & recommended your site. I’ll pray for continue success in your business.


From Deborah (CA):
I appreciate the great communication. I will be recommending these planners to my other homeschool friends.


From Amie (FL):
I really appreciate the attention to detail and the customer service you give! I also love that you’re two homeschooling moms like me! I’ve already told one friend about them and I’ll keep passing on the word.


From Shannon (OR):
Thanks for the awesome planners again this year! We are all really excited to use them again!


From Nicole (CA):
I LOVE LOVE LOVE every planner!!!


From Susan (CA):
Loved using our planners this year. I want to order next year’s planners NOW so that I can get ready for next year already. Love, love, love the planners!!! Thank you for such a great product.


From Jennifer (HI):
Spent the day yesterday working on the kids’ planners. They are amazing! I will never use another planner. You rock!


From Ann (SC):
We received our planners and they are awesome. My daughter said they are so cool. The kids are looking forward to using them starting in June. I have used other planners in the past and yours is the best one! It has just the right information that I need and one thing that I have not had in a planner before is the attendance record. I’ve always made mine myself and now I don’t have to. I wish I had heard about A Plan in Place sooner. Thank you so much.
~and a few days later, we received this… :)
I just received my Early Learner Planner and I love it just as much as the custom ones. It’s like a planner and a memory book all in one. Thanks for making such a great product.


From Synnove (CA):
Last spring I ordered your planners for all three of my kids & must say I have really loved using them. I don’t know if they would be perfect for everyone, but for us they are great! I used to type up my kids’ assignments on the computer, thinking I was saving time since I could just edit last week’s assignment for the next week, but in reality it meant that I had to set aside time in front of the computer (usually in the evening or on the weekend) to type it up. Now, with the planners, I just grab one of them when I have a moment while still sitting and working with the kids, and fill it out for the following week. So, even though I’m doing more hand writing and perhaps more work, it still saves me time. The kids are great with checking off their work, and it serves as a great record keeper as well, which I didn’t have before with my typed assignment sheets.


From Sharlean (OR):
I must say that the planners this year are unbelievable. We are staying on track and are having a peaceful year so far. Thank you ladies so much for the planners.


From Shannon (CA):
All of my kids were so excited to get their Personalized Planners this year! With their goals set in front of them, their work can be completed with much more ease. Thank you for completing them in such a timely manner.


From Louise (CA):
Just received our shipment and they look great. I am pleased with the pages as well as all the various planning forms. My kids and I are looking forward to using them.


From Heather (CA):
Love the Mom’s Planner – even better then I was expecting! I love that it’s customized for me. The goals and planning sheets are excellent and are actually suited for real use, unlike so many others I have tried. It’s apparent that the designers are actual moms who really use their planners!
Note from A Plan in Place:  Yes, Heather, you’re right! We really are actual homeschool moms and we really do use our own products. :)


From Teri (NV):
Personalized planners for the student are a genius idea! All of their weekly assignments are in one place, plus you’ve provided space for all future planning, and even fun places to record important events as they go. We can’t wait to start using them. I know they will be a vital part of our homeschooling success!


From Julie (OR):
The planners came so quickly!! Even better than I had hoped. Thank you for an excellent product!!


From Rhonda (OR):
Just wanted to let you ladies know that I received my Summer Planner and my Planner for the 2011/2012 school year in the mail today. I am thrilled! We will begin using the summer edition next week! I am so excited to get started…thank you!


From Erica (OR):
I love, love, love your planners!! My kids are so excited to start using their summer planners and I’m amazed at how there is room for everything for their yearly activities and studies. Thank you for getting them done so quickly. My only complaint, I want one for me!! :)


From Sam (age 10):
I love how I get to choose my own cover! It makes me stand out in a crowd, so I can say to my friends, “Check out my cover! What does yours look like?”


From Vanesa (TX):
Finally, a solution to all the planning needs for a homeschooling family. It serves as a long and short-term planner and tracker, a record keeper, a journal, and so much more. And most importantly, it serves as a tool for learning and enforcing student accountability in a way that is easy and fun. Both my daughter and I love it! Thank you for coming up with this innovative solution. I wonder how we’ve survived all these years without it!


From Christy (CA):
I just got my two planners in the mail and not only did I love them so did my girls. They love that it gives them more freedom to plan their week and take control of getting their work and other things they need to do each week.


From Linda (OR):
My daughter was “less than thrilled” about starting school again after her first year wasn’t all she had hoped it would be. After looking through her custom planner together, she “can’t wait!” to be able to fill it in!


From Beth (CA):
I love our planner. My daughter has had so much fun getting ready for school and filling out her personalized planner. I am so excited to have everything all in one place instead of having many different planners and notebooks where we kept all of our information and schedules. This is such a wonderful tool for home schooling families.