Roll Call

Remember the old days when a teacher stood at the front of the room behind her large wooden desk and began each day with a roll call?  We waited patiently for our name to be called so we could shout out “here!”

Today, I imagine it is a very different process – it definitely is in homeschooling!  Some states require that hours are tracked, some number of days, and some don’t even have requirements at all.

Our Student and High School Edition planners have a homeschool attendance form built right into the Notes & Record Keeping section.  We purposefully set this up so it can be used any number of ways. Today, I just want to share how I use mine.

  • I began by labeling the months across the top with our starting month first.
  • Then, I simply go down to the corresponding day and start with 1 as our first day of school.
  • Finally, I continue to track numbering in ascending order each day and marking off weekends.

Keep Up Your Records

I try to update my form each week when planning for the next as I can simply look right to the schedule pages for which days we did learning activities in our home.  I also count educational field trips and can keep track of days that we completely take off.

We know that laws vary by state but we decided that a homeschool attendance form needs to be available for the homeschooling families that need it.  To check your state requirements, you can go to the HSLDA website for detailed information.

Of course, as with all of our forms, we hope that you are able to make it work for whatever your needs are, and we are confident that this could be a starting place or an idea for you to use if you need it!

Happy Record Keeping!

How to keep track of homeschool attendance