Weekly planner page, perfect for homeschool scheduling — FREE!

Years ago, when I first started using a homeschool planner, I was frustrated with what was available. I couldn’t seem to make the typical 5 column, 8 row page work for me and my homeschool schedule. Because I wanted something different, I made my own with different sections to give me more flexibility. Eventually, this passion became a business! You know it today as A Plan in Place.

How we developed the homeschool planner page

At A Plan in Place, we developed three sections for our page that we believe can really help with  homeschool scheduling. They are:

  • Weekly Detail: This is the typical column and row sections found in other planners.
  • Daily Checklist: For responsibilities that just need to be done every day, such as pages in a phonics workbook.
  • Weekly Focus: For items that don’t need a specific day assignment, such as science projects and memory work.

While we believe that our schedule sheets are best when they are customized, we have put together a stock page for those who don’t want to customize a planner. We are now offering it FREE to you, along with a couple of other planning forms to help you.

We would love for you to try them for yourself!

Why we offer a free homeschool planner sheet

We believe that using a schedule sheet for each child can help promote independent learning, help with efficient record keeping, and help your homeschool day to run more smoothly.

Additionally, you will establish excellent skills for your children that will carry into their adult lives.

We invite you to head over to our Free Printables page and subscribe to try it and see for yourself!


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