One of our goals at A Plan in Place is to encourage independent learning.  While that will look very different among each family and each of your children, the big picture is the same.  Putting a homeschool student planner in the hands of each of your children is a great start on the path of independence and accountability.

And, let’s face it, efficient planning, organization, and record keeping all in one place is a bonus for mom too!

Here are 4 signs your homeschool student needs a planner:

  1. They can’t start school without you. This is a big one! It’s important to me that my boys start on their lessons without me.  From their very early homeschooling years, they knew to start on the shelf with their planner.  Even if I don’t have every part filled out there is always enough to get them going on something.
  2. If you are busy, they aren’t working.  I am fully available to my kids, but there are those times when I need to make a phone call, write a letter, tend to work, or do the laundry. I should be able to step away and have them stay on track.  The accountability that goes with seeing what they have accomplished in their planner can really help. Just checking in with them to see where they are and having a visual snapshot will make it crystal clear.
  3.  They have pieces of paper everywhere.  You find spelling lists, incomplete writing assignments, book notes, tests, and papers everywhere. This a definite sign that they need some help organizing.  Two pockets in each of my boys’ planners helped to tame the paper clutter. I use the pockets for the papers I want to keep, such as tests, final writing assignments and anything else that will represent work completed.  I also put incomplete assignments in the back of the planner so they always know where they are.
  4.  You don’t feel like they ever get anything accomplished. If you are like me, sometimes at the end of the day you might ask, “What have you been doing all day?”  However, when I look at their planner and their work for the day either listed or checked off, it usually gives us both a great sense of accomplishment.  The flip side, but just as important, is the fact that it can show some real inconsistencies. You can use the boxes for the assignments to log the amount of time spent and quickly and easily see where adjustments need to be made.  This has really helped us see all that is being accomplished and identify reasons it isn’t.

How many signs did you find yourself saying yes to?

If you are finding yourself frustrated and wanting to help your homeschool student get on track and stay on track, consider a customized homeschool planner just for them.  See how empowering them can foster and improve independence and steer them on the right track to becoming  more responsible. After all, I received some advice once that I will never forget:

“Remember you aren’t just raising children, you are raising future adults.”

Need a planner?

See all the customized options in our shop. We cover all your students from the Early Learner, through elementary and middle school, and to help you finish strong we even have a High School Edition.

Happy Planning!


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