In other words,

Do you have next school year ALL figured out already? 

Probably not! Did you know that you don’t have to have it ALL ready to go, curriculum in hand, before we create your customized planners?  The Goals and Planning forms in all of our planners will help you make your final decisions and plan your next homeschool year, whenever that starts!  Here are a couple of ideas to organize your weekly schedule pages before all of your decisions have been made: 

  • One option is to leave a blank or two which will allow for some flexibility through the year.  I especially use this option on the Daily Checklist section.
  • Another idea is to keep your subjects generic. You can label your subject box “Math” without needing to decide if you will use Saxon or Singapore. That is also a good idea because we all know things change and sometimes what we plan isn’t a good fit.

If you’re thinking about how to customize your homeschool planner or want a quick explanation of how to go through this process here at A Plan in Place, we’ve made it easy for you!

Just download this planning worksheet, which will walk you through each section and help you come up with the perfect plan.  This one sheet will work for all of our planners – our Student and High School Editions of course, but our Early Learner and Teacher Editions as well.

Then, after you have put pen to paper and decided how you want your planners to look, just head to our shop to start the ordering process.As a homeschool mom myself, I KNOW you’re already thinking about next year (it’s ok to admit it!).  Having new planners on the shelf even before you purchase curriculum can help you feel organized and prepared long before next year starts. If you have high schoolers, here’s one more tip: When customizing a High School Edition, use one row per credit. For example use subject labels: Math, Science, English, History, Foreign Language, Elective. Like the tip above, it’s generic enough for early planning, but helps with record keeping later when you’re calculating GPA and creating a transcript. Looking forward to helping you put a Plan in Place for your homeschooling journey, KimIs Your Plan in Place?