We know that when you have a large homeschooling family everything is multiplied! Wonderful things such as love, fun, laughter and memories are such a blessing. But, we also know that some things are not so fun. Those are things such as laundry, grocery bills, and the cost to homeschool.

large family homeschool organizer

Organize Your Large Homeschooling Family

We wanted to give you a break. We thought about how we could help. So, we came up with a way to give you a FREE Homeschool Teacher Planner designed specifically for the homeschool mom by homeschool moms.

Now, when you purchase four customized homeschool student planners, we will let you customize one of your very own for FREE!  Just use coupon code TE4FAMILY at checkout.

We have planners for all ages including;

We believe planners are the ONE tool that each homeschooling family needs to get organized – especially a large one!

See why each one of your kids needs their own planner and let us show you how it can bring order out of chaos and help you to get through a homeschooling year one week at a time. Let us help you with planning, record keeping, weekly scheduling, and give you a tool to create a keepsake of each year for each one of your children.

Use your planner to organize your home life, activities, and your school as a whole.

Here is a review from Kris over at Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers on the Homeschool Teacher Edition planner, because you shouldn’t just take our word for it.

Head on over to our shop and get your plan in place today. Use coupon code TE4FAMILY and let us customize your FREE planner today!

PS. We love little homeschooling families, too. We think you just might love our print-your-own planner. Design it just the way you want.

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