Talking about how to make your own homeschool planner may seem like a strange topic to find on this site.  After all, we sell homeschool planners! But remember, we are also homeschool moms! We are on a budget too, scouring for good deals to make our homeschool year work within our financial plan.

Should you make your own homeschool planner?

When my oldest officially started school, eight years ago, I did make my own homeschool planner. From Day 1, each year I tried to make it better and more efficient.  First, I scoured all the free sites I could find for different forms. Then, after hours of research, I always ended up making my own weekly schedule pages because I just couldn’t find what I wanted.

After printing all of the pages and getting them in order, I would take them to the nearest office supply store to have them bound.  I can’t tell you how many hours I spent online doing the research, or creating my own pages and printing them just right.  Or much less how much money it cost to print and bind them! (Just out of curiosity, I called 3 office supply stores and just to have something similar bound today averaged around $5.)

Overall, it was a time consuming and costly project.  But of course you can do all that too! Plenty of people do! Or you can take advantage of the experience Kim and I have.

Customized Homeschool Planner

We have researched for years, talking to homeschooling moms all over the country. Combining that with our own day to day experiences, we created a comprehensive planner that will allow you to Plan, Record, Work, and Keep an entire school year for each one of your children. Although we are a small business, we have purchasing power and try to keep costs down. We know that matters.

All of our planners are customized so they can change as you and your students change.  It’s surprising how different my planners are from year to year, and especially between my two boys who learn in such different ways.  The planning and record keeping forms I use are still there allowing me to organize each year and stay on track. The weekly schedule pages change as we change from year to year.

My Favorite Homeschool Planner

I am proud of what we have created. They are so much easier and more efficient than any of the ones I put together before we started this business in 2010. Consider giving yourself a break this year from having to make your own homeschool planner and try one of our customized planners.  Think of all the things you could do with that free time this summer.

Frustrated with not finding the right homeschool planner? Here is why you should make your own.