Spring can be the perfect time to plan your homeschool for the next year. It is when I get my customized Homeschool Planner, Teacher Edition, all fresh and new.

Here are just a few reasons why you should, too.

1. New Homeschool Focus

Your homeschool 2nd semester is up and running. By now, all your curriculum is most likely set for this semester, and the days have a set rhythm and schedule that keeps things humming along. A fresh, new homeschool planner gives you a look ahead to next year, exactly when your brain is searching for something new to focus on, to keep from getting stagnant!

2. New Homeschool Conferences

Homeschooling conference season is coming. Homeschool vendors and curriculum companies have started sending emails and catalogs. Upcoming conferences, curriculum displays, and informational meetings are being promoted. Have you decided which ones you’ll attend this year? Your Homeschool Teacher Planner is an excellent companion for any convention – it will give you a single place to store flyers and information, jot ideas for new curriculum, and file contact information for vendors you are interested in.

3. New Homeschool Products

Homeschool product reviews are available. Reviews are all over social media and it is a great time to start gleaning and researching. This time every year, I check in with some of my favorite bloggers and make lists for new items to research more. This is when my wish list really starts to form.

4. A New Homeschool Budget

Homeschool budgeting is crucial! Homeschooling families are often single-income families, and budgeting is important. Whether it is early bird online deals, free shipping, or even the start of the local used curriculum sales, the sooner you are organized, the better chance you have to get what you want at the best price. The forms in our Homeschool Teacher Planner will truly help you get your plan started so you can shop efficiently. The Homeschool Budget form will help you plan before you attend any sales, or even look online. And even before that, you can start with the Long Term Family Plan, which helps to see the overall big picture of next year.

Spring Planning for Your Homeschool

See how you can get your plan in place this spring with a customized Teacher Edition Homeschool Planner and get the best start for your next homeschool year. With so many customized options including calendar start months, full color covers, full size pockets, and weekly pages customized to fit your homeschool, you won’t regret getting an early start on your homeschool planning for next year. It’s YOUR planner, YOUR way!

Remember we offer FREE shipping for orders totaling $99 or more, so get a few friends together and combine your orders to take advantage of that whenever you want us to start working on your customized edition.


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