You talked, we listened

You’ve let us know what you need and we’ve listened. You want an option to print your homeschool planner. With the high cost of international shipping, and the ease of printing on demand from wherever you are, it made good sense to offer an alternative to pre-printed planners.

After researching the best option to bring you the highest quality and affordability, we settled on a design we love. And we think you will, too.

We are now offering a printable version of all our homeschool planners

You can get a print-your-own version for as little as $19.99. With the ability to fully customize your planner, including: a cover, customized Weekly Schedule Sheets, calendars, Goals & Planning forms, and Record Keeping forms.

You customize, we create a beautiful planner and put it all together. Next, we email it to you. Easy peasy.  All you have to decide is when and where you’ll print!

How to decide if a print-your-own planner is right for you

If you’re on the fence about which type of planner is right for you, consider the following. If you find yourself shaking your head yes as you read through them, you’ll want a print-your-own planner.

  • A 3-ring binder makes more sense for your family than a spiral bound.
  • You have a high quality printer, and want to save some money
  • Your anxious to get started planning and simply can’t wait a week for us to prepare a planner for you
  • Colored paper is your thing and you want to select a paper

Getting to know our products

If you aren’t familiar with our products, you should really start here and explore all we have to offer.  Then look over  your customized choices, because there are many.

We’re homeschool moms. We KNOW that there is no standard homeschool family. You need choices when it comes to a planner, too. No standard, one-size-fits-all planner will do. Now you’re in charge of putting the pieces together to create your own ideal planner. With that in mind, check out our  special link about it here and if you are ready to order just click here.

Don’t worry, we are still ready to print, punch, bind, and laminate away for those of you that prefer the printed version. You can see all those options in our shop.

Suzie and Kim

Co-Owners AND homeschool moms at A Plan in Place