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NOW AVAILABLE: We are now offering a .pdf download version of all our homeschool planners!  It includes:  a cover, customized Weekly Schedule Sheets, calendars, Goals & Planning forms, and Record Keeping forms.  Please read all the Download Details before you order!

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Now, download your homeschool planner and print at home!  The PDF Download Version of our homeschool planners gives you everything you need to schedule assignments, activities and projects for your student.  Find more information in our Download Details page.

You’ll receive your cover, calendars, forms and Weekly Schedule Sheets as .pdf files ready to download and print:

Within 48 hours of purchase, you will receive an email with a link allowing you to download your forms:

  • Cover: Covers are best printed on card stock.  They can be slipped in a page protector or laminated for added protection.  Our Early Learner cover is a coloring page for your little one to personalize!
  • Goals and Planning: This section allows you and/or your student to think through the year ahead and set goals, plan activities, and create schedules.
  • Calendars:  You choose your starting month!  Either 12-months for any of the student planners, or 14-months (for long-range planning) in the Teacher Edition.
  • Notes & Record Keeping: You can use this section to track progress and record activities and events throughout the year. You’ll also have “Notes” pages to track anything that doesn’t fit elsewhere.

Your email will also contain a .pdf attachment containing your customized Weekly Schedule Sheet:

  • Weekly Schedule Sheets: These are the heart of the planner. You customize your own with our easy-to-use customization form.  Please read about your Weekly Schedule Sheet choices before ordering.  They come in either one- or two- pages per week.



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