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The Student Edition helps your grade school through middle school student stay organized and on track all school year. With you guidance, your student will learn to work independently and efficiently – two important life skills!

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Help your child organize schedule assignments, activities and projects. They’ll be confident to take control of their own school days. Get more information on the Grade School Planner here.

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11 reviews for Student Planner

  1. defghijmiller7 (verified owner)

    LOVE IT!!!! I don’t know how I ever homeschooled without this valuable tool! No more kids asking me what they need to do next. My kids are in 6th, 5th and Kindergarten and even my Kindergartner knows to go to his Plan in Place and get much of his work done without me having to tell him. I will NEVER again try to go through another school year without it. It has helped me in keeping my sanity and has truly been a Godsend. Can’t say enough good things about it.

  2. Synnove Tyo (verified owner)

    Love these planners! We have used the Deluxe Student Editions for all three of my kids for several years now. Love that we can personalize the topics, and add specific chores and goals for each week, and the suggested topics and subjects are very helpful. Takes me just a few minutes to complete the plan for each week and add in any special events or appointments, and I can do this while sitting with the kids while they work. The kids love the personalized covers too!

  3. Sarah

    I appreciate having my planner so much. I have been using these planners for 4 years and they make my schooling much easier. I enjoy the ability to look back at my year and see what I was able to accomplish and I like that I can personalize it to fit my school schedule each year. The folder in the back is great to hold loose papers and the covers are fantastic. These are wonderful quality planners, and they help me stay more organized so that I can very easily see what I need to complete for my school work each day. I am a student in eleventh grade, and I look forward to finishing out my last year of high school with a Plan in Place planner.

  4. Melissa Fox (verified owner)

    The student edition has been such a blessing to our family! It has helped my children prioritize and plan out their daily, weekly and monthly goals in their studies and activities. I love being able to customize the planners and also appreciate the extra options that are in there that I wouldn’t have thought of, such as the goal planning pages and the weekly check off lists.

  5. Allison McDaniel (verified owner)

    I decided to order the student planner after I fell in love with my own teacher’s edition. I love so many features of this planner! The wet-erase inside front cover, the ability to add pockets and a pen holder, the spiral binding which allows it to lay flat, and the best part, which I highly recommend, is the custom weekly planning section. This will be a great tool to teach my daughter how to be more independent in her own studies and daily routines.

  6. Nicole Graff (verified owner)

    These planners have been really helpful in leading my kids to a little more independence in their work. We use Sonlight, and at the beginning of the week I go through my instructor’s guides and fill out their schedules, and then they know what is expected of them each day. We’re almost finished with 2nd and 5th grade, and I will definitely be buying them new planners for 3rd and 6th!

  7. Amanda W.

    These student planners are very well made. They have many areas you can customize. They make the student feel in control of their schooling. It also makes a wonderful keepsake at the end of the year. The goal setting, and book tracking are things I haven’t thought of on my own, but love. The tabs, and folders are such smart things, and really make the planner functional.

  8. Christie (verified owner)

    This will be our 4th year using these planners and they’re one of my favorite homeschool tools. All my kiddos have one and they know how to flip to that week’s page and work through their assignments (even my 2nd grader). I keep a selection of work in them at the end of the year then file on a shelf for future reference. I always recommend these planners to friends. Well made. I’ve never had a page rip out mid year. This past year, my oldest’s tutorial provided a planner and we didn’t get him one from this site… he’s been asking for me to buy High School planner from this site for next school year – he wasn’t happy with the one his tutorial gave him!

  9. Annie Bleuer (verified owner)

    Prefect thing we needed in our homeschool! I am not a person who is very organized, and I was just writing the lessons on a flip chart each day. Wasn’t much room to add anything else. Last year was our first year using this planner for my girls and they loved it! I was able to list all their lessons for the week, in addition to daily chores, books they were reading, etc. They were able to start their schoolwork before I even got out of bed! This year, we adjusted the categories a little bit so this planner will be even more useful to keep track of activities such as American Heritage Girls.
    I will definitely keep purchasing this product.

  10. Christie Brasser

    We’ll we’re back again for year number 5. I seriously can’t say enough how much I love these planners for our homeschool. I love the pockets to keep sample work in at the end of the year and the ability to customise is huge!

  11. Elizabeth (verified owner)

    I absolutely love these planners! I’m homeschooling 6 kids from pre k to 6th grade this year. These planners have been a lifesaver in terms of keeping that many grades straight. I use the two page non-customized version for each child and I am able to check off each assignment as it is completed, that way I can easily see what has been done and what still needs to be done. The older students can look at their planners to see what they can work on independently as well. No matter how crazy the day gets, I’m able to keep track of everything!

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