Sections & Forms – High School Edition

Homeschooling through high school can seem intimidating, but the High School Student Edition from A Plan in Place will ease your mind.  As you plan the year ahead, then work through each week, record milestones and achievements, and finally keep a consolidated portfolio of your student’s year, you’ll find that you and your student are prepared, organized, and on track – if only everything about high school was this easy!


First, PLAN your year ahead using Goals & Planning Forms designed to walk you through curriculum choices, daily schedules, and yearly activities.  Several of the forms in this section are just slightly updated versions of those in our Student Edition, such as:  My Autobiography, My Goals, Chores & Responsibilities, Long Range Schedule Planning, Time Schedule, My Saving & Spending Plan, and My Summer Plans.  Here’s a glimpse of the additional forms in the High School Edition:

Here’s a blog post to help you utilize one of our favorite forms: Graduation Pathway Requirements



A calendar section is optional – we’ve found that for many students it is unnecessary. But, if you’d like your student to use a calendar and stay even more organized, next you would PLAN out your year using our calendar pages. In the calendar section we include two year-at-a-glance calendars, plus 12 monthly calendar pages. You choose what month your calendars start with!




You will then WORK through the school year using your Weekly Schedule Sheets. You have two options – Stock sheets or Customized. Both come in either one-page-per-week or two-pages-per-week. Stock sheets come pre-formatted with blank headings that you fill in each week. For more control over what your Weekly Schedule Sheets look like, choose the Customized option. Find all the information you need to decide on our Weekly Schedule Sheets page. No matter which option you choose, we include 40 weeks of schedule sheets – plenty for the whole school year, plus a few more just in case.




As the year progresses, RECORD your student’s accomplishments and track his or her progress using the forms in the Record Keeping section.  Again, several of the forms in the section are slightly updated versions of those in the Student Edition, including:  Attendance Record, Field Trip Records, Progress Reports, and Notes pages.  For the unique needs of High Schoolers, we’ve also added:



You may choose up to 2 pockets to go in the back of the High School Edition, and we believe they are absolutely essential.  During the year, they are a great place to KEEP works-in-progress and unfinished assignments.  Then, when the year is over, they are the ideal place to store the tables of contents of completed curriculum, completed papers and tests, and any other records from the school year.  When college application or job-hunting time rolls around, you’ll have everything you need in one place.