Setting goals is a necessary aspect of homeschooling, whether we like it or not.

Since we are in charge of our children’s education, if we don’t have a goal for them in mind, they could end up spinning their wheels and not accomplishing anything.  But what about our own goals as homeschool moms?  Have you spent time thinking about what your goals are?

A To Do List

Every day, or at least every week, I make a To Do list.  It’s usually full of errands to run, assignments to grade, an email to respond to, a closet to organize.  Mundane tasks, but goals to accomplish all the same.  Crossing items off the list gives me a feeling of satisfaction.  Yes, I am one of “those people” who write an already-completed task down, just to be able to immediately cross it off.  That’s what I call instant gratification

When I first started using homeschool planners, the page entitled “My Goals” seemed a little intimidating to me.  A daily To Do list was easy…but long term goals?  How could I ever see that far out when my life was caught up with urgent demands and pressing issues that needed to be dealt with NOW?

I love homeschool planners

But now, that’s one reason why I LOVE using planners for my homeschool.  My kids each have their own Student Edition, and I have a Homeschool Teacher Edition that has become indispensable to me.  The Goals & Planning section up front in each planner keeps me in line and able to see the big picture.  And that “My Goals” page?  It is like a sign-post for me, keeping me going in the right direction.  When I sit down to think through the upcoming week and write out assignments in my kids’ planners, I can step back and evaluate long-term goals.  While doing that, I have a chance to ask myself:  Are her complaints about her math curriculum valid?  How can I guide him towards better vocabulary usage in his writing?  What character trait needs a little more focus?

What are your long-term goals?  For yourself, your kids, your homeschool?  Take a minute and write them out.  It may help you keep that short-term To Do list in line and in perspective.

Happy goal-setting!

How to set goals for your homeschool