Our homeschool Student Edition planners are designed to work with one individual child.

Here are a few reasons why we believe this is the way to go when homeschool planning and organizing:


We know that all families don’t sit at the kitchen table and complete all their work together start to finish.  Some kids like to “do school” in a treehouse, on their bed, or at a special work place.  If they have their own planner, they simply take it with them to keep up with what they need to do.  Also, as kids get involved in more activities, you can just pack up their planner and take their work along to their co-op classes, the library, a friend’s house, or even a doctor visit.  

Individual features

The pocket(s) allow each child to have a place for their OWN work.  I chose to include two pockets in my boys’ planners, and they use one for unfinished work and one for completed assignments.  Also, forms such as the Autobiography page and My Study Plan create a keepsake record of each child’s year. Celebrate their individuality and enjoy looking back as the years move forward.    

Independent Workers

Another benefit, especially in a large family, is that we create independent workers with a clear plan for what they are expected to do.  They won’t come to you all day long asking “Mom, what’s next?” if they have the schedule page that has been created just for them. They will know exactly what they need to accomplish, marking off as they go. Then they will come to you and say “Look what I have done!”

No More Nagging

I really dislike “nagging” my children.  I enjoy talking about other things over constantly giving them a verbal list and reminders of what they are supposed to be doing.  When they use a planner, everything they need to do is in one place, from their chore list and daily responsibilities, to every subject for school time. They can break when they want and practice time management, knowing what they need to accomplish.  We can use our time to communicate about what they are learning about instead of what they need to do.

Substitute Teacher

Is someone filling in for you for the day or week?  A grandparent, dad or even an older sibling could easily facilitate a family of homeschoolers when all the planning is done and each child has a game plan!

These are some of the main reasons that we recommend “To Each His Own” when ordering homeschool planners.

Happy Homeschool Planning, Working, Recording, and Keeping!