I’m sure that you NEVER have days that go as you planned…

but I sure do! :)  There are all sorts of things that can interrupt the flow of what one might think is a perfectly planned homeschool day.  A call from your out-of-state mom, a run away dog, or an unexpected sickness…and a multitude of other things. Then there are days where your child just isn’t getting a certain concept and extra time is needed; or times when corrective training on attitudes or behaviors is more important than schoolwork.  Of course there are also really good things that thwart the best laid plans – just a few more chapters to finish a great book, a detour to do an extra science experiment, or maybe a rainy day calls for a cuddle on the couch and a movie.Let’s face it; life happens. I love that my homeschooled kids get to experience the good, the bad, and the ugly of our everyday life. Sometimes we just don’t get everything done we want to do in a given day! But that is okay and it can be a great life lesson to teach your kids. When using student planners with your kids, it’s easy to focus on the schedule rather than the freedom they give you.  I counsel people all the time “don’t let your planners control you!”  They are a tool to be used, not stone to be written on. I advise always using pencil in your planners, and in our house when something isn’t finished (with my permission of course) it is simply circled.  Then, as soon as we circle it we discuss “a plan in place” to deal with it.  It could be put off until the next day or skipped all together – every situation is different and it all adds to the life skills of prioritizing, time management, and decision making. One of the keys to successfully scheduling your homeschool is to have a plan when your plan doesn’t pan out! Here’s to expecting the unexpected, Kim

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