As we all know, homeschool moms and students have extremely varied schedules and routines.  Customized Weekly Schedule Sheets give you the ultimate way to create the ideal homeschool planner for yourself or your student with your unique schedule in mind!


Here’s how to make your schedule sheet fit you or your student perfectly:


Every schedule sheet – no matter which edition and no matter whether it’s a one-page or two-page – includes the same 3 sections to customize:  Weekly Detail, Daily Checklist, and Weekly Focus Boxes.  The example on the right is our one-page Student Edition sheet, but the same sections apply to all editions and versions.

Need ideas for section headings?  Download this handy Planning Worksheet.



Student Edition – One-Page-per-Week

Student Edition – Two-Pages-per-Week

Your Curriculum or Method – Do you use a particular homeschool curriculum or method?  Here’s some ideas for customizing your schedule page to follow a few of them:

High School Edition – One-Page-per-Week

High School Edition – Two-Pages-per-Week

Teacher Edition – One-Page-per-Week

Teacher Edition – Two-Pages-per-Week

Early Learner Edition – One-Page-per-Week