Personalized Planners that

Make Homeschooling Days More Productive

Less stress for you and more confidence for your student

“organizes studies and activities.”

Alison - NY

“helps me stay sane.”

Jennifer - MO

“helps me keep on track”

Melissa - CA

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Sometimes life in the home seems a bit out of control. Our customized planners for you and your children help you keep on task with a routine. Have more productive hours in your day and get work done efficiently.

Your entire year written down in one place. Organization and record keeping system developed for homeschool families.

The Possibilities are Endless!

One of my favorite things about customizing planners is that each one we make is different and unique! I enjoy getting a glimpse into homeschool...

Is your plan in place?

In other words, Do you have next school year ALL figured out already?  Probably not! Did you know that you don't have to have it ALL ready...

Meal Planning Made Easy

I like to think of myself as organized.  I mean, after all, I own a planner business!  Sometimes, however, I wonder.  Take dinner for...

We Didn’t Get to That

I'm sure that you NEVER have days that go as you planned... but I sure do! :)  There are all sorts of things that can interrupt the flow of...

Memories – Summer Style

If you are like I am, when summer rolls around, schedules fly out the window. The summer seems to pass too quickly and I always wonder, come...

Homeschool Teacher Planner

Originally created for homeschool parents

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Student Planner

Elementary and middle school aged students

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High School Planner

Specially designed for high schoolers

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Early Learner Edition

For pre-K and Kindergarten

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Printable Planner

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What Customers Are Saying:

I am loving both my kids planners so much that I finally decided to get one of my own now and not to wait. That way I could keep all the notes and thoughts I have about next year in one place. Thanks for your wonderful planners!

Amber, Oregon

Thank you so much. I will definitely recommend you to our co-op. Thank you for making sure everything was perfect for me. 

Melissa, Florida

Thank you so much. I will definitely recommend you to our co-op. Thank you for making sure everything was perfect for me. “

Louise, California

Created by Homeschool Parents … for Any Family


Founders Kim & Suzie homeschooled for over 12 years each!  They tried all the same organization systems that you have, but couldn’t find a system that had everything they needed in one product. So they have developed planners that work for any family because YOU choose the pieces to make it perfect for your family.


Continuing in their footsteps, Lucy and Isaiah, new homeschooling parents, bought the business from them in early 2021. We get it. Organizing your days and weeks is very difficult. But A Plan in Place planners will help you and your student know exactly what’s now, what’s next, and what to do to have a successful year.