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Homeschooling High School?

Although homeschooling high school can seem intimidating, the High School Edition homeschool planner from A Plan in Place will ease your mind.  Choose custom options to create a planner that will help you and your student be prepared, get organized, and stay on track – if only everything about high school was this easy!  As we like to say:  Put your pieces together to create your ideal homeschool planner!

Your High School Edition homeschool planner includes three or four sections, tabbed for easy reference:  Goals & Planning, Calendars (optional), Weekly Schedule, and Record Keeping.

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Plan your year ahead using Goals & Planning Forms designed to walk you through curriculum choices, daily schedules, and yearly activities.  Planning for homeschooling high school before the year begins will help you and your student achieve all your goals.  Find more information about specific forms on our Form Examples page.

The worksheets in this section include:

  • My Autobiography (Keepsake Page)
  • My Goals
  • Chores and Responsibilities
  • Time Schedule
  • Graduation Pathway Requirements
  • Four-Year Credit Plan
  • Long Range Planning
  • Current Study Plan
  • Course Detail
  • Curriculum & Supplies List
  • Summer Goals & Plans

Examples from the Goals & Planning Section


A calendar section is optional – we’ve found that for many students it is unnecessary. But, if you’d like your student to use a calendar and stay even more organized, you can plan out your year using our calendar pages. In the calendar section we include two year-at-a-glance calendars, plus 12 monthly calendar pages. You choose what month your calendars start with!


Your Weekly Schedule Sheets are the heart of the planner, and will keep your student on track all year.  You have two options – Stock sheets or Customized. Both come in either one-page-per-week or two-pages-per-week. Stock sheets come pre-formatted with blank headings that you fill in each week. For more control over what your Weekly Schedule Sheets look like, choose the Customized option. No matter which option you choose, we include 40 weeks of schedule sheets – plenty for the whole school year, plus a few more just in case.

STOCK Weekly Schedule Sheet Examples

CUSTOMIZED Weekly Schedule Sheet Examples

Notes about Customized Weekly Schedule Sheets:

  • When ordering customized sheets, first familiarize yourself with the three sections that make up each Weekly Schedule Sheet: Weekly Detail, Daily Checklist, and Weekly Focus. When you order, you will be laying out your choices for each of these three sections (in addition to your Student’s Name, Days of the Week, and Quotation, which are self-explanatory).
  • Don’t forget to get creative! Look through our examples and ideas here.  As you’ll see, there are many ways to customize. Days of the Week don’t have to be Monday – Friday, the Weekly Detail section doesn’t have to contain subjects, etc. You know your students – do what works best for them!
  • Need time to think about your choices?  Download this handy Planning Worksheet.


As the year progresses, you’ll want to record your student’s accomplishments and track his or her progress using the forms in the Record Keeping section.  Find more information about specific forms on our Form Examples page.  Plus, add up to two pockets to your student’s planner, to create a permanent record of your curriculum used, books read, papers written, plus test scores, work samples, and achievements, all in one concise package.

The worksheets in this section include:

  • Attendance Log
  • Activity Tracker
  • Field Trip Records
  • Book Journal
  • Grading Sheets
  • Progress Reports
  • Transcript Builder
  • Notes Pages
  • Year End Review (Keepsake Page)
  • Pockets (optional – add up to 2)

Examples from the Record Keeping Section:

 Additional Features:

  • Cover: Your choice of several laminated, full-color covers.  They are sturdy and keep your planner nicely protected – very necessary for something that will be used every day!
  • Coil Binding: This ensures the planner opens completely and lays flat.
  • Keepsake Pages: You’ll receive a “My Autobiography” page and a “Year End Review” page, where your student can record memorable events and thoughts from the year.
  • Pockets: If needed, you may choose up to two sturdy pockets in the back to store unfinished work or completed assignments.

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