We offer homeschool planners for each member of your family.

Use the descriptions below to help decide which homeschool planner is right for you!

homeschool planner kindergartener

Early Learner

Use the Early Learner(​Pre-K – 1st grade)…

• when your child is not reading easily yet, but you want to start introducing them to using a planner• when you will complete all the scheduling and recording in your student’s planner• when the main focus is on learning ​through play and “school” focuses on just the basic subject areas: math, reading, and writing

homeschool planner middle school A Plan in Place

Elementary or Middle School 

Use the Student Edition(1st – 7th/8th grade)…

• when your child will be focusing on several subjects every day• when your child is reading well and you feel confident that they can follow the list of assignments that you have filled out in their planner• when you want to encourage more independent work

high school homeschool planner A Plan in Place

High School 

Use the High School Edition(8th/9th – 12th grade)…

• when you’re beginning to track credits toward high school graduation• when your student is starting to look at post-high school options• when your student’s extracurricular activities would work well on a resume for summer job opportunities

homeschool planner teacher edition

Homeschool Mom

Use the Homeschool Teacher Edition

• when you are the primary teacher for your children • when you need some home/life organization in addition to school organization• when you are tired of having paperwork, schedules, and to do lists scattered around the kitchen 

Remember, you can customize your ideal planner in our shop, making it work for your homeschool student in any grade.

Choose what you believe will work the best for you and your child and please don’t hesitate to ask if we can answer any questions!