Why You Need A Plan in Place

​​Homeschool Planners Can Help You Stay Organized All Year

Homeschool planner organization

​Planners Make Homeschool Organization ​Easy

Because we are home all day, every day, with kids all over the house, homeschool organization is not just an option, it’s a necessity.  Homeschool planners are an ideal way to get—and stay—organized.

Here are our favorite reasons for using homeschool planners:

  • ​They are incredibly easy to use.
  • ​They take up much less space than many other systems.
  • They serve as a permanent record of each school year.

Homeschool planner organization

​Customized Homeschool Planners Work For You

​Every homeschool family is unique.  Each family has different homeschool organization needs, and your planner should reflect your needs! Standard, mass-produced planners don’t always work.  At a Plan in Place, we offer customization that allows you to create your ideal homeschool planner.  With our custom options, we will create something that will work for each one of your kids, at each stage of their homeschooling journey.

Here are some of the custom options we offer:

  • Several full color covers, including a custom option!
  • Monthly calendars starting in any month of the year
  • Stock or Customized Weekly Schedule Sheets
  • Pockets to store unfinished work or completed assignments
  • Accessories to enhance your planner
  • ​Choice of printed & bound planners or ​printable planners ​that you download and print at home!